I am Enough

It is so easy for us to forget this.  We see people who are more successful, more beautiful, and way more brilliant.  We see flawless representations of lives on social media and cant help but compare as we're bombarded by images of a woman who seems to truly do it all while we're still wearing our pajamas at 3:30 in the afternoon and haven't even brushed our hair.  I catch myself judging and comparing constantly.  I find myself stopping my dreams before I even start (or sabotaging halfway through) because of my inability to move past my own inadequacy.  "I cant go after what I want because I haven't had enough training or experience."  "I cant meet the love of my life yet because of these five pounds" "First I need to grow my hair out or make X amount of dollars before it can happen."  The excuses go on and on....  This is trickery of our subconscious mind telling us that we're not enough.  It is a false belief system based on the stories we were told throughout the years that no longer needs to apply because we are enough, right now, exactly as we are, in this moment.


Repeat after me a million times "I am enough."  There will never be a perfect time and the only way to know you're enough right now in this moment is to dive full on into your life with heart and eyes wide open.  This mantra of "I am enough" needs to be repeated as we ted to forget. Post it on your mirror, set an alarm as a reminder and constantly affirm to yourself that you are worthy, deserving, and enough exactly as you are, right now, in your perfectly imperfect self.

I will practice and forget a thousand times today.