Less Scrolling for more Sankalpa

I am tearing through The 4 Desires after picking up and closing the book 5 times in the last 5 years.  I believe things come to you when you're ready and I think this time I was finally ready for Rods amazing book.  Every page is filled with gold nuggets as to how to create your best life with intention.  We create an intention (or Sankalpa) and also are asked to list a few of our bad habits.  For majority of us these habits are unconscious and buried way deep in our subconscious routine. The idea is to eradicate the bad habit and fill the gap with our Sankalpa.  To catch the act, to pause and in that silent state reiterate our Sankalpa. 

Thats the practice for me this week.  I have a tendency to scroll on instagram to play comparison and judgement games.  Today, tomorrow, and many more moons after I will catch myself being habitual with instagram.  I will stop, I will pause and reflect and I will fill the moment of space and time to reiterate my Sankalpa.  

May we create, may we be at ease and may we notice which habits hinder us from living our best life.