"The place where you are right now god circled on a map for you. Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move against the earth and sky, the Beloved has bowed there. Our Beloved has bowed knowing you were coming. I could tell you a priceless secret about your real worth dear pilgrim. But any unkindness to yourself, any confusion about others, will keep one from accepting the grace, the love!" - Hafiz

I remember this when I want to run, when I become to small to speak what my heart wants to say, when I repeat old patterns and believe my doubt.  When I think this situation is permanent and I'll never be more than a little girl teaching yoga.

May I doubt my doubt 

May I Trust in the divine timing of life.  May I enjoy this stop on the map.  Life becomes a lot more enjoyable when we can pause and appreciate the journey, even just once in a while.